Introducing: The Kevin Crane Seal of Approval

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My opinion is really important.

It carries a lot of weight and everyone should listen to it.

My opinions are so important that I couldn't stop with just creating one. I have dozens of opinions in fact. Dozens!

I have opinions on cereal, colors, languages, shapes, states, shampoos, computers, music, kitchen appliances, sports, and animals (cats).

Without further ado, I present: The Kevin Crane Seal of Approval!

Kevin Crane Seal of Approval Image

This is going to be a new fixture of my site, serving a few purposes.
First, and foremost, this will spread my gospel, informing the masses of what I like. This is of utmost importance.

Second, it will let me make posts more frequently. One of the side effects of creating this blog was making me realize that I don't think enough to create original posts on a regular basis. My brain is pretty sporadic as to when it actually operates. Some days I'll be firing neurons left and right, creating the most genius shit you've ever seen. The next day, ghost town. Not even tumbleweed.

However, I rarely don't like something. This means that whenever I'm lacking in good ideas, I can just look around for something I genuinely enjoy and slap a Kevin Crane Seal of Approval on it.

This isn't an award you can just pick up on the streets though. No, if you are bestowed a Kevin Crane Seal of Approval, you damn well earned it, probably.

This is reserved for the highest echelons of stuff. The Michael Jordan of cereal. The Tiger Woods of musical genres. The Wayne Gretzky of deodorant. The Bill Gates of toilet paper brands.

In order to accommodate this honorable crowd of selections, I will be creating a new Page on my blog, a trophy room of sorts.

To find it on desktop web browsers, just go to the top of the page and click the “Hall of Approval” button. If you're using a mobile browser (Android, iPhones, what have you), I don't know where the hell the button is. Just finish up with class first and go home and find it properly. Maybe I'll look myself for you, who knows.



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