Finals Are Boring and Cats Are Great

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So I've decided that finals are boring, and I don't much care for them. My motivation level for these final tests has dropped so low in the past few weeks that it's a wonder I've studied at all (Editor's note for parents: I have studied, don't worry too much). It's just astounding how indifferent I am to the final trudge to winter break.

Luckily I've found things to occupy my time. It's the revelatory turn towards my next big calling before I become rich and famous, or until I come up with an actually good idea that can make money.

Regardless, as some may have seen on Facebook, I was bored Friday night because people were studying for finals (I still don't understand why). Idea. Let's get just a little drunk. Just to see how it feels.

One beer down. Okay I'm done watching Big Bang Theory. Let's go do something intellectual.

Never mind, that was boring.

Let's text somebody Cat Facts. Looks like Ted “Battle-Ready Prostitute” Warhoe is my lucky guest. “Hey Ted, did you know that cats are not motorized despite sharing 75% of their letters with the word cars?”

Ted is pleased.

Okay I'm bored again. More beer.

Alright, now I'm programming. Standard Friday at Carnegie Mellon.
Then it hits me though, let's make this whole Cat Fact thing real, better than the whole internet meme garbage.

Google search, “how to send emails with python”. Oh shit, that's easy. I love you Python.

Sprint to fridge, put alcohol in orange juice. Let's get it on.

About an hour or two later, I had a program that would pick a random Cat Fact of my creation, read through an entire list of email addresses and would send each of them a friendly reminder of my electronic and feline omnipotence, usually straight to the spam folder. I am a god.

Regardless of the current ignorance of Gmail's spam detecting algorithm, this is the start of something great. Since I've been meaning to learn how to create full web applications anyway, this will be my venue for entertainment for the next week or two (don't judge my hobbies, you all knew my nerdiness before or shortly after you errantly decided to be friends with me).

Before you know it, I hope to have a full website built out that will allow you to register to receive Cat Facts, delivered straight to your inbox daily or weekly. I hope to extend this to support SMS messaging, so you can receive Cat Facts on your phone as well.
This shit's going legit.

There is no feasible way to make money off of this, until I discover how to monetize laughter, so this will be just for fun and knowledge all around. Hopefully I can use this to come up with a way to actually make money in the future though. Who knows.

So anyway, keep your eyes peeled on this site in the future. I'm not paying GoDaddy for a second domain name or hosting (yet), so I'll link to it at a page on so you can access it and sign up, and I'll just self-hosted this bitch (as M.I.A. said “if you catch me at the border I got servers in my name”).

I'll probably make a post sometime showing my process of designing, coding, and launching this, so you'll be able to learn and try this stuff yourself, or at least marvel at what I consider fun.

tl;dr: Cat Facts are the shit, ima let you receive them all day long.



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