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My opinion is really important.

It carries a lot of weight and everyone should listen to it.

My opinions are so important that I couldn't stop with just creating one. I have dozens of opinions in fact. Dozens!

I have opinions on cereal, colors, ...

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For the two weeks before I went to France, half the time I texted Clara she was knitting. This troubled me as I have a strict policy against dating the elderly. I would always respond by calling her “grandma” in a courteous attempt to warn her of her ...

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If you're reading this blog post then the Mayans were wrong. If you aren't reading this...whoops.

Pending any sudden worldwide crises (plague of frogs? leper invasion? cyclops?) I think it's safe to say that we have survived another apocalypse. This ...

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So I've decided that finals are boring, and I don't much care for them. My motivation level for these final tests has dropped so low in the past few weeks that it's a wonder I've studied at all (*Editor's note for parents: I have studied, don't worry ...

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Tonight marks the night of one of our country’s greatest annual traditions: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. We take our nation’s best and finest, strip them of most of their clothes, and adorn them in exceedingly ridiculous papier-mâché wings under ...

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